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Glitter Words 








"There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don't come to understand that soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity."


                                                                                                                                                                                         Isaak Asimov 



Glitter Photos
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GOAL : The aim of this project is to raise Ss' cultural awareness, develop understanding and empathy for their classmates who come from different countries,

     and realize that differences do not make one person better or worse. 


               FINAL PRODUCT: Designing a culture collage about my class.






  • Ss will be able to explain the terms  "discrimination" and "diversity"  and identify different types of discrimination.

  • Ss will be able to explain the origin of their name and compare diverse cultural backgrounds.

  •  Ss will be able to design a factfile about their country (describing in brief their country's location, climate, languages spoken, famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions).

  • Ss will be able to discuss  social etiquette in their country and compare it with etiquettes in their classmates' countries .They will construct a paragrah about each country.

  • Ss will be able to name popular food and drink in their country, describe a traditional dish and identify traditional dishes in their classmates' countries.

  • Ss will be able to tell each other about a festival or/and a notable holiday in their country and find similarities and differences among festivals and celebrations in different countries.

  • Ss will be able to describe school life and popular sports in their country and compare them  with school life in different countries.                                                                                                                 





  • Ss will listen to and then read and analyze  the first four stanzas of the poem "CELEBR8" by Levi Tafari. New vocabulary will be presented to them .The teacher will help students understand new words with the help of visual aids and a vocab matching exercise. Celebr8 by Levi Tafari TeachingEnglish British Council BBC2.mp3 lesson plan on poem analysis.doc


  •  WORKSHEET 2 ON LEVI TAFARI.doc                                                                                                                                                                        

  • In groups students will tell  each other a story about their given names.They will compare different traditions of name giving. Ss will jot down the differences they have come up with.The teacher will monitor their discussion and provide help with new vocab. WORKSHEET 3 -NAME GIVING TRADITIONS.doc

  • Ss will get into pairs (student A and student B). Each student  gets a different worksheet about the Fact File of Great Britain with some information missing.They will ask each other questions to fill int the missing information on their worksheet and then they will make a factfile about their country. Teacher will provide help with new vocab, facilitate students to have access to the computer lab in order to download pictures and any  information they might need.WORKSHEET 4- STUDENT A- MAKING A FACTFILE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY (information gap activity).doc 

  • WORKSHEET 4 -STUDENT B- MAKING A FACTFILE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY (information gap activity).doc  

  • Ss will read a short text on social etiquette (greetings, social customs etc.) in the U.K. and do a gap-filling exercise. Then they will write a similar one about social etiquette in their country.WORKSHEET 5 - SOCIAL ETIQUETTE.doc Activity Tracking Activity Tracking

  • Ss will  download pictures of popular food and drink of their country and  describe the ingredients.They will be asked to search for new vocab by consulting online dictionaries. Then they will be aked to describe a traditional dish. The teacher will help Ss revise important vocab related to food and drinks  before moving to the computer lab.

  • Ss will learn about halloween through a listening activity. Then using the gapped text which is to be filled in during the listening activity as a model text, they will describe a well known festival in their country.They will share their presentations with the whole class. The teacher will highlight structures used when describing festivals and will provide Ss with any vocab needed. It is a good idea to use dictionaries in class.

  • Ss will use vocab acquired in unit 1 of their student's book which  refers to the greek system of education  to write a short paragraph about education in Greece.Ss of different nationalities will talk about their country.Then they will compare and contrast school life in different countries.  The teacher will remind Ss of the old vocab and monitor their work.

  • Listening to the song: "Where is the love" by the Black Eyed Peas in order to identify words related to discrimination. The teacher will help them grasp the main idea of the song.(The language used in the song is demanding for the language  level of the students.)   

  • Ss will get together in groups to organize the information they have collected in order to design a culture collage which will be put on their clasroom's wall.






I will use both  formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment will be used throughout the project to monitor Ss' performance. At the end of every writing activity though I will use summative assessment. Ss will be assessed on both individual and group basis.  










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